3D Design & Visualization — Spring 2017 beta

CAD jockeys, visualization wizards, modeling mavens - this is your chance to join a Coroflot community tailored just for you. From engineering to advertising, this is a group that focuses on 3D computer skills. If the moderators approve you to join this community, it means you have demonstrated direct experience through project samples, links and work history. Professionals of all levels and students entering the field are encouraged to request to join.

Each talent community requires you to apply to join separately. You are welcome to apply to additional communities and will be approved to join if you qualify.

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  • Deadline: Thursday, June 15, 2017
    Admission Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2017


A New Way to Make Creative Connections beta

Coroflot Talent Communities are organized around our most popular categories of design, bringing together designers and opportunities based on skill, experience and availability. They are built on a new robust Talent Profile which prioritizes the criteria most relevant to today's creative market.

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Make sure to have three samples of your work ready to upload, as well as links to your portfolio, social media, or any personal websites. Your Coroflot Profile should be the best representation of your professional creative work.
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