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Product rendering showing the soap dish in its typical environment.
Soap dispenser shown in a typical usage environment.
One of the initial designs for the soap container.
Some features of this product were of a greater complexity than common soap dishes. Accordingly, prototyping was a key stage to test out some of the novel features of this product.
There was an extensive list of revisions to make at each stage of the development. Visuals with summarized key points aided with communicating within the team.
Close-up of the soap container prototype with some of the parts made in different materials for evaluation.
I also developed the packaging for all the products and accessories. Much of the product features were transformed from paragraphs of text, into graphics that communicate the points succinctly and effectively. Shown here are the initial designs and mockups.
Packaging developed for the soap dish.
Packaging for the soap dispenser and accessories.
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Soap Accessories & Packaging

A series of products all related to soap!
(1) A soap dish that keeps soaps from turning soggy, (2) a counter-top soap dispenser, and (3) a container for... soap! I was involved in designing two of the products, and for all three projects: coordinating with the engineering team, testing prototypes, communicating with the client and developing the packaging.

Freelance, Full-time
Parimala Sivaraj
Industrial Design & Product Development Manager Singapore, Singapore