Home Retrofit Information Stands: A mockup for a display stand that illustrates the products that a senior can install in his home to make every day life easier. This display stand was intended to be set up at a retail store at a hospital that sells these lifestyle aids.
Rendering of the proposed design. As well as helping with creating the mockups, my contributions was also mainly in creating the content and visual layout.
Clothes Drying: In Singapore, many residents hang their laundry out in the sun to dry. In high-rise residential buildings, the laundry is dried on poles outside the window. Physically hauling a pole full of clothes is a demanding physical activity, so the team developed a new clothes hanging device. My role was in developing the user experience evaluations, conducting the sessions, and using the conclusions of the study to refine the design.
One of the forms that we used to evaluate the user experience sessions. Afterwards, we realized that observation yields more useful findings than asking the users questions (for the particular nature of this product, and our goals).
Back in the workshop to make changes to the prototype based on the new requirements for the design.
Home Cooking: This photo shows a elderly lady cooking at home using a portable stove. A portable stove is easy to move, clean and maintain compared to a traditional, built-in stove. However, one of the problems we identified was the difficult to use physical interface.
This prototype illustrates the ideas generated for a more visual interface, with larger controls that makes the portable stove easier and safer to use.
Universal Design

At the Centre for Ageing Studies in Singapore, we (design team) had amassed much research through first-hand observation and interviews with seniors. Our work then was to define the problems that the ageing citizens in Singapore faced, and address some of these issues via design (be it product design, visual communication, service design etc.).

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