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Delta Kit - Delta Airlines Sponsored project. Collaborative effort between design students and business students to utilize the Delta's resources to provide aid to potential disaster victims and promote the airlines philosophy "good goes around"
Intubation Medical Device - Intubation is the procedure of inserting a breathing tube into the trachea of a patient who is unable to maintain an open airway. The current device is difficult for beginners to use, often breaks patients teeth and can be extremely traumatic to the patient. Develop a system of providing an emergent or semi-emergent airway. Problem Statement: to improve the safety, efficacy and time required to intubate.

Slat Chair - Slats- Constructed of 1/8th inch stained ash. Between the two pieces of ash there is a 1/4 inch piece of dye cut felt.

Frame- 1/2 inch bent steel frame, nickel plated. Slat portion of the chair can be removed by loosening the set screws at the base of the top and bottom slat.
mia - Streaming audio device that can be worn on the wrist.
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