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Valspar Corporate Lobby

This was a group effort to create a lobby, which spoke to Valspar's brand and featured their Pillars of Innovation, history, global locations, as well as their paints and coatings.

This project was given by our professor working with Star Exhibits. Valspar, who has just moved into this space, was the client. Different members within the group where responsible for making sure different aspects of the design were addressed. I personally was responsible for materials, texture mapping most of this space, modeling the first Valspar wall, modeling the Valspar sculpture, modeling the sculptural globe, modeling the back history wall, setting up lighting, and rendering out our images.

My idea for the modified triangle you see throughout the space was inspired by the V of Valspar's logo. The sculptural globe was also my idea.

The feel we were after for this lobby was more industrial to cater to Valspar's industrial clients as few of Valspar's consumer clients will visit this space.

Rachael Horsma
Exhibit Designer at The Exhibit House Indianapolis, IN