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GREEN WALKWAY is design for cyclist, pedestrians and community around the location. the space has been divided for cyclist and pedestrian so there will be no interruption or worries for both users.
Without the inconvenient, they will have a safe journey within the green walkway.
The beauties of the place and the surrounding environment provide a blissful and enjoyable feel within the nature.
The path been intergrade with plants that fills with diverse foliage,fragrant and coloutful flowering plant along the paths. Allow users to interact with the plant by smell and touch.
From rail mall, the VISITOR CENTRE acts as a welcoming area for the green walkway with lush and flowering trees and shrubs. These areas showcase the map of this area and also showcases interesting ecosystem of flora and fauna that can be found within the nature.
Beautiful flowering shrubs surround the visitor centre to extend a warm welcome greeting to all the visitors.
Green roof system has been implementing for the roof as it improving air quality, reducing heat in surrounding areas.
TREE TOP CAMP located within the forest and designed for user to stay overnight to catch up and discovered ecosystem of fauna in different time during the journey toward observation tower and u can discover and see more on the tower by itself. At night, the each of the scale pavilion light up with dim accent light.
Designed for the user to rest, relax and chill as outcome it provides them to feel free.
The platform was elevated above the ground so it’s could provide them a beautiful view of the sunset. It also provides them to see the overview of the pattern on the ground.
The surrounding with tree around provide the space not to be hot as it cool the place even when the sun up high.
OBSERVATION TOWER, designed for bird watching tower, each of the towers been design in different level above the ground. There for, it provides them to have an option for better view in different location.
Wooden structure been used in my design so it blend and camouflage with the surrounding and camouflage.
Wave of Nature

A place to value,conserve and enjoy the beauty of nature and to breath fresh air amidst the lust nature

Ahmad Habiibur Rahim
Architecture and Environment design Singapore, Singapore