PowerBomb - Specification
Charging you favorite devices is never a problem.
A really head turner product with an unique cool design.
As many colour options can be given to look more sporty look.
Charge your phone anywhere on the go...
Just, plug it... relax yourself and play..
Can be easily carried along with us. It can be carried by putting finger in it's ring and phone is palm while charging.
Product details
This is how the push on / off switch work.
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some international online media coverage on Powerbomb Powerbank.
some international online media coverage on Powerbomb Powerbank.
PowerBomb - A unique Powerbank

This is an unique cool concept design of Powerbank which is boast with heavy power charge for your smartphones, tablets, digital cameras to fill your essential need to charge your devices on the go anytime and anywhere. Key ring is given to it so you can hold it in finger while keeping in phone in palm while charging.

Rahul Shirbhate
Industrial Product Designer New Bombay, India