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A.P. Mynders (Verve Hearing Technology) - Advertiser in Lifestyle Magazine
Total Solutions - Caregiving advertiser for Lifestyle Magazine. One of several versions.
Main Line Lighting & Design - Main Line Lighting ad. Advertiser wanted to show different sconces and lights.
Pinnacle Financial Advisors Ad - Black and white ad for partnership with "The Savoy Company"
Audio Expressions
Outdoor Garden decorating tips - Designed magazine insert card
Mortgage Based Ads - Designed mortgage based ads for regional magazine
Real Estate based ads - Real Estate based ads, regional magazine
Makefield Orthopaedics - Medical based client
Kids Xpress magazine advertisement - Client - Children's furniture store, designed magazine ad
Carlton Pools Ad - Magazine advertiser
Magazine & Print Ads

Holiday Print Advertisement; designed for AP Mynders and Associates

Raquel B. Saltsman
Graphic designer, project manager Washington, DC