Making user navigation flows, wireframes of Homepage and detailed content segregation for IA
Information architecture for Swagatam Tours and Travels Website.
Information architecture of the pokkt website, working out the inside pages and content chunking into proper segments and links.
Developing Mobile UI and Wireframes for projects.
User Dashboard, tab idea, highlighting what each screen looks like.
low fidelity wireframes explaining user tasks and flow
Mobile screens user task flow
IA of SB's Homepage, carefully arranging items that need to be upfront and used more frequently thn others.
low fidelity wireframes for content chunking
Website's homepage content and structure with place holders. This is shown to client for more clarity, ideas and feedback are exchanged and then product is reformed further.
UI/UX sketches

Some of the UI/UX sketches i create, before getting into the design mode. This helps in understanding Userflow/navigation/ how much content has to be written on each page and how a website will be structured.

Rita Ashra
Art Director/Creative Head Mumbai, India