Autumn from 60 ft mural
Winter from 60ft mural
Spring from 60ft mural
Summer night from 60ft mural
Summer from 60 ft mural
Maine's Midcoast Chambers - A graphic depiction of quintessential Maine coast.
Cellardoor's "Pop the Cork 2010" - Event promotional poster. Summer soiree celebrating music, food & wine in Midcoast Maine.
Cellardoor's "Pop the Cork" - Whether you are optimistic or pessimistic about current events; be the glass half empty or half full this promotional illustration set the tone of the scenic splendor celebrating the Summer Arts of Midcoast Maine.
Cellardoor's "VinFest 2009" - Event Promotional Poster celebrating the Autumn harvesting of the grapes with a formal dinner and dance in the evening and a party the next day.
Autumn Arrives - Sometimes the change of seasons happens in the blink of an eye. One minute it is summer the next it is fall.
Rain on a Pond - A homage to Japanese block prints celebrating the soft spirituality of an ordinarily beautiful moment.
The Future Begins - For a licensed series of products promoting quality eduction, the dawning of each day is a new opportunity to learn. The Future Begins in Today's Schools
Children Are Our Future - For a licensed series of products, this illustration shows a bright sun and a bright future.
Happy Workers - For a licensed series, an energized workforce keeps the economy moving.
Celebrate Learning - For a licensed series of products, that show an energized group of eduction professionals ready to teach and mould young minds.
Funny Faces - A series of zany classmates learning and exploring by asking questions of each other and then finding the answers.
Celebrate Children - Neon lights shine bright and show the happy wonders of children.
Richard Reitz Smith
Freelance Designer, Illustrator, Artist Camden, ME