Painting Techniques-Acrylic
Expressive Typography
Package Design
Gestalt Principles- Logos
Letterform Books
Advertising Illustration
Layout & Grid Principles
Painting Techniques- Watercolor
Illustration TEchniques- Acrylic
Editorial illustration- Pastel
Foundation Design- Color Theory
Illustration Techniques- Cut Paper
Illustration TEchniques- Ink Wash
Foundation Design- Value Study
Drawing I Landscape
Drawing II- Self Portraits
Drawing I- Interior
Drawing I Chair Perspective
Drawing I Still Life
Drawing I Shape-Space
Students' Work

This is a collection of my students' works from the varied classes that I taught at Kutztown University, Northern Arizona University and Tyler School of Art.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Richard Reitz Smith
Freelance Designer, Illustrator, Artist Camden, ME