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temporary home for construction sites - Challenge
Development of a mobile living unit for construction sites that should provide sleeping, cocking, eating and storage space for 2 people. Easy to transport and manipulate by 2 people.
Solution - A 3/3m simple folding sistem unit, easy to unfold by 2. When folded is only 60 cm for being loaded on any truck.
Folding sistem - It unfolds/folds by tensioning a strap with a hand winch at each side, the strap holds the unit together.
Interior solution - Everything inside folds away in the walls triangle and trapezoidal segments:
the toilet and it's sink, the showering area is built in the floor,
the cooking area (sink and working space) and food storage space,
the chair folds into the tables legs wich folds into the trapez wall,
the private storage space and beds also fold.
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temporary home for construction sites
Remus Feldman
Design vienna, Austria