Poster promoting a 3 month residential program for internet startups, called StartupSchool.IN.
Indulgence - Ladies Night June 09
Blive B.B.C - Bay Beat Collective June 09
Fashion Night-Bejewelled June 09
World Lunch - Global Tree Cafe
Ladies special - July 09
Blive - Shaair + Func
Forever Young 30 Shades of Grey
Beat Manifesto
Wine NIght-6th Oct- Thomas Levy
Pop Night Special - Trivia Quiz Oct 09
Collectors Night. BYOR.Bacchus Oct 09
Beat Manifesto-DnB night. oct 09
Blive-Acoustic Wars-Oct 09
Special Offer Poster- Nov 09
live @ bacchus dec 09
Monday Night-Vachan-Only @ Bacchus -Jan10
Drum n bass - Vachan jan 2010
Peter Kroll - Ploeger - live at GTC. Oct 09
Start from Scratch live @ Bacchus - Feb 2010
Cricket IPL offer -colour
Blive presents -Breed aka Nasha live @ Bacchus
DnB 1st Anniversary @ Bacchus + Vachan - 14th April 2010
Ladies Night Special ft. DJ PHABI D (UK)
La Pat - Meal in a box promotional poster
Forever Young Wine Festival
Blive presents -Mixed Tape Sessions with SHAAIR + FUNC @ Bacchus- JAN 2010
Techno Night with DJ Dev - Only @ Bacchus
Techno Night with DJ Dev - Only @ Bacchus
Blive presents -BLOT live @ Bacchus - 14th August 2010
Jobs Available/Now Hiring Poster for F&B
Happy Hours @ Bacchus
Blive presents -Bass Foundation @ Bacchus - 30th October 2010
Saturday Night Special
Ladies Night @ Bacchus
Ladies Night @ Bacchus
Together in the city | Poster Design
Relationship Roulette
Fridays @ Bacchus
Rewind Time, Bacchus April 2011
Bacchus June 2011
Dualist Inquiry + Sulk Station | June 2011 | Bacchus

From May of 2009 to September of 2011, I worked as a communication designer for the RRPL group of restaurants in Bangalore, India. A big part of my job was to design monthly gig and event posters for their club - Bacchus. This is a selection of some of those posters.