Childrens Book Illustration - The first illustration for a children's book I'm working on. I'm the illustrator and designer of the book.
Colonel Mustard
Mrs. Peacock
Cinnabon Icescape: Strawberry Banana Icescape Campaign - Concept for Cinnabon's "Strawberry Banana Icescape" beverage.
Warm Me Up - What better way to warm those cold winter days than a steaming cup of java?
Newer colored line-art style.
Newer colored line-art style.
Biringer Farms Illustrated Map - Created for a local berry and pumpkin farm, Biringer Farms saw my map for Freedom Fest and wanted something similar for their seasonal guests. It was a big hit, and they even had a giant poster printed of it.
Pac Attack! - Remember this old classic! Dodge them ghost monsters!
2009 Christmas Illustration for
Cake - An inventive young man tries to grab hold of an elusive treasure... a chocolate cake!
"Daddy's Gone" Illustration - Illustration for a poem about a girl who's father has passed away.
"No Monsters" Illustration - Illustration: "There are no monsters under the bed!"
Newer colored line-art style.

Illustration work by Rob Christianson

Freelance, Full-time
Rob Christianson
Art Director & Illustrator Seattle, WA