Moment of Truth DVD package
J&Ds Bacon Gravy - J&D Foods' Bacon Gravy and shelf display packaging. featuring custom illustration.
Various CD Covers and Discs - CD Jacket and Disc art for Bundle of Hiss ( a classic Seattle grunge band), Tuffy, and Teknoboy
Baconlube flavored personal lubricant
Envelope packaging concept
J&D's Bacon Croutons Packaging - New packaging for J&D Foods' Bacon Croutons, unveiled at this week's Fancy Food Show and available soon at Wal-Mart nationwide!
J&Ds Cajunnaise
Sriracha Jerky - J&D's Foods
Bacon Shaving Cream
Logo and label designs for J&D's newest products
Media Partners' DVD release "Let's Get Honest" - DVD wraps created for Media Partners' latest release on sexual harassment.

Product packaging for J&D's Foods and other clients.

Freelance, Full-time
Rob Christianson
Art Director & Illustrator Seattle, WA