2014 FOX Nomad Gear
2014 FOX Legion Gear
Graphics and colorways for FOX eyewear
Marketing campaign ads for FOX eyewear highlighting some of my designs
FOX 360 Intake (Graphic) Glove Colorways
Random assortment of FOX glove colorways and designs
Bag colorways
Chippa rocking one of my FOX tee designs
Ink illustrations used by Fox for their new line of high end V4 helmets Thanks for the pics, David!
Fox 7 ft x 7ft Store Poster - Couldn't be happier to see some of my work prominently displayed at all the Fox retail stores
Detail of the Fox 7 ft x 7ft Store Poster displayed at all the Fox retail stores Ink and graphite illustration with multiple elements combined & manipulated in Photoshop
Various illustrations done for FOX that were used on tees, hoodies, and headwear
Trey Canard - Low brow painting for FOX was presented to Trey Canard after taking the 2010 MX 250 Championship 30" x 26" acrylic and india ink
Detail of Trey Canard (Closeup) low brow painting for FOX
Fox Head Inc
Freelance, Full-time
Robert Gould
A versatile illustrator and graphic designer Oceanside, CA