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Waste Management 10x20 Concept- RC SHOW 2018

A fresh look at a 10x20' linear exhibit for Waste Management.
The exhibit's form and layout balances bold industrial architecture and clean edge-to-edge graphics to illustrate confidence and efficiency. Rough wood beams and steel rebar are whitewashed to maintain this air of clean simplicity.
White illuminated logos reinforce this clean image and the geometric use of WM's lighter greens and greys represents a simple, yet fluid suggestion of WM's agile, forward thinking vision.
The large scale lifestyle graphic provides a human element that is relatable, inviting and approachable for attendees.
Augmenting face-to-face conversations in the booth with interesting visualizations, we can highlight captivating facts about WM and its services.
A holographic tree merges with the look and feel of the booth, complementing the greens in the design. This highlights WM's growth from its roots in Houston in 1971 to its current operations through North America and WM's commitment to THINK GREEN

Rob Sawatsky
Senior Designer Toronto, Canada