SCRÜBO - Automated subfloor attachment robot concept. Modeled and rendered in Siemens Solid Edge.
SCRÜBO - Exploded view of subfloor attachment robot concept. Modeled and rendered in Siemens Solid Edge.
Cardboard Chair - Overall winning design in Auburn University's 2009 Designing Green competition. (24 hour group sustainable design charette.) Made with 5 4' x 8' sheets of 1/8" cardboard, some thread and a few fabric scraps.
Tape Measure Anchors - Prototype models of patent pending tape measure anchors. More info here:
Tape measure anchors - Modeled and rendered in Form-Z
UV Sanitizer
Nokia Blutooth GPS module illustration - Rendered in Adobe Illustrator. (Not my design.)
turkey call prototype - A development model fabricated out of PVC pipe fittings to explore turkey call ergonomics (and I'm not a hunter).
turkey call protos - More turkey call prototypes. These were testing various combinations of materials and sizes to achieve the desired sound (that was being piped through the office stereo system).
grilling research - User research to kick off a major grill design program.
foamcore grills - Parts I fabricated to illustrate about a half dozen different grill concepts. (I can't show the finished mock-ups).
aftermath - What the studio looked like after I made all those grill parts ;-)
Tiffin Phaeton concept sketch - A RV concept sketch as rendered on my daughter's Doodle Pro sketch pad.
Tiffin Phaeton mock-up - Fabrication of the wooden substructure for an RV front cap design. A rare shot of me.
Tiffin Phaeton mock-up - The finished mockup with its poster board skin, tape lines, headlights, etc.
production Tiffin Phaeton - Not much changed from the Doodle Pro sketch to this final production version.
Cell phone concept (circa 1992) - This CorelDraw rendering of a clamshell flip-style cellphone was created in 1992. It predated the iconic Motorola StarTAC flip phone by almost 4 years. I still think the keypad is a better design than most on the market today ;-)
Misc Product Design
Robert S. Donovan
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