VSS - The Visual Sound System

The goal of the VSS is to create a form of musical notation (sound representation) which more intuitively reflects the beauty and complexity of music in a direct visual way. Traditional notation is very efficient but one must already understand traditional notation to see its beauty. Using the VSS, the beauty and subtlety of music (sound) is depicted in a coherent visual format which can be more intuitively understood because the system has a greater vocabulary of visual reference (color, shape, movement, etc). Also, because the VSS establishes a simple intuitive 1:1 system between sound and vision, the possibilities of its application are limitless. One example of how this might be applied is in developing a better method for learning music. The VSS has more visual cues which will make it easier to understand the complex patterns which make up music (sound).

2 axioms of the VSS: 1. Pitch = visual value 2. Notes = geometric shapes (A=triangle, B=2 circles, etc). #/b = black dots

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Robert Shepherd
Graphic Designer Amsterdam, Netherlands