chair >to> sofa - A solution for when living space is limited and used for different purposes. In everyday use, it is a single seat chair, taking up not to much space. The folding movement is easy and self-locking. With one side folded up it can be used as a chaise longue, and when you have a party, you can turn it in to a three seat sofa. Featured on
Local Motors Btwin competition, - This is my entry for the Local motors Btwin competition. More information about the competition can be found on the website of local motors;
Skimmer 1.1 - Work In Progress
Skimmer 1.1 - The Skimmer flies closely over the water on a cushion of air, making use of the wing-in-ground effect. Starting from within the water the Skimmer, as its speed increases, will begin to rise out of, and ultimately loosen itself from the water. Steering the Skimmer is done by shifting your weight and turning the steering wheel, just like when riding a Jet Ski. Featured on:
2CV Kit ' Car' - This car/motorbike crossover is based on a Citroen 2CV. It is designed as a kit car for the Burton Car company for the Solidworks designcontest. It schould be cheap (3000 euro) , lightweight and easy to build. The underseat stearing and open seating position should bring you a motorbike feeling while driving a car.
Car/Motorcycle hybrid - This concept uses the same tilting technology like the carver car and MP3 scooter. It's fully electric, streamlined and narrow enough to drive through traffic jam.
Waterdisxx - The WaterDisxx makes it possible to plant seeds almost anywhere. It provides the seed with everything it needs to grow, and makes reforrestation of desert areas possible in a economical way. It’s designed to be easy to manufacture, transport and installed. The advertising on the product is a good way to fund it and makes it possible for companies to show environmental effort. It’s based on the work of groasis, the international initiative to re-green the planet.
Roel Verhagen Kaptein
Industrial Product Designer Heerhugowaard, Netherlands