Rendering of steel paddock structures for the Circle Z Ranch south of Patagonia, Arizona. Constructor: Caleb Everhardt - Monument Steel, Sonoita, Arizona.
Interior corridor of tilt up office complex - Virtual model processed through a rendering engine. Photo on the wall is an old Buddhist temple I photographed when I was a combat photographer in Vietnam. I had a nice landscape art value that helped bring interest to an otherwise blank wall.
Service complex in Sacramento, California - Rendering of a gas station, restaurant, food mart, and car wash complex in Sacramento, California. Illustration Copyright Roger Hawkins 2008
Tower assembly for modular fixtures - A tower to support modular fixtures. Designed and produced by Stevens Engineering of Phoenix, Arizona. This positioning aide for tools and fixtures facilitates ultra precise manufacturing. Virtual model and rendering Copyright Roger Hawkins 2008.
V-Block Assembly on Sub plate
Ultra-precise positioning vice. - Stevens Engineering of Phoenix, Arizona manufacture jigs and fixtures for the ultra-precise positioning of critical parts and machinery. Rendering copyright Roger Hawkins
Stevens Engineering - Vices, Vertical Mount - Vices mounted vertically on positioning column.
El Tigre - Cannon - "El Tigre" the Spanish cannon that took the arm of Admiral Lord Nelson (Hero of Trafalgar) when he was a young Lt. raiding the island of Tenerife. Copyright Roger Hawkins 2010
Apartment building to condo conversion project - 3D floor plan study.
Real Estate Agents Photo - This is a snapshot of an empty lifeless space in a piece of pricey real estate. See the next photo in his series to experience how it is possible to use PhotoMatch technology to turn the photo into 3D space and then populate the image with furnishings and people.
A live vibrant space sells itself
Modular structure - This sculpture graced the galleries of the Pittsburgh Plan for Art. But over the years and moves across the country it was lost. Thanks to 3D drafting I was able to reconstruct my project in a matter of hours. There are twenty-four modules in this piece. Building them took many days in the physical world. In the computer world, once I built the first, the next twenty-three could be cloned. The physical sculpture used no glue and no mechanical fasteners, only the friction of wooden pins.
Universal connector for geodesic structures - The problem with connectors for geodesic structures is that the angles number and spatial distribution vary. Dome innovator Billy Woods developed this system of hubs and connectors (see Dynadome in my "Architectural Photography" portfolio.
Military photographers challenge coin - This challenge coin was designed but never produced for a joint International Combat Camera Association and 600th Photo Squadron in Las Vegas.
221st Signal Company insignia - This is a 3D historical recreation of the unit insignia worn by combat photographers of the Army's 221st Signal Company in Vietnam. The film strip speaks for itself. "Equis Mile Verbe" is Latin for "equals a thousand words." The dragon signifies Vietnam. The Fleur-di-lis is a traditional symbol of light. Rendered by Roger Hawkins
Tilt-up office complex Freemont, California - Giving a little drama to a very prosaic tilt up.
x/y stage sub assembly for panoramic photo head - This sub assembly helps move the optical center of a camera lens to match the x/y/z rotation point of the camera tripod mounting. As the camera moves during the making of a panorama the camera perspective does not change so mutiple photos can be stitched into one image.
Redoing a master bath - Master bath redesign. Painting virtual vaulted ceiling is easier than painting real vaulted ceilings.
Solar powered shade park - Outdoor shaded work area for high-tech corporate campuses. Solar powered docking stations and wifi connections.Conceptual doodles rather than final design.
26 Blocks art show at CityScape in Phoenix - Renderings to show building management how the art show would be staged. Also specification/design of display systems and layout.
Colonel Alexander Leroy Hawkins - Col Hawkins lead the 10th Pennsylvania infantry regiment in the Phillipines during the Spanish American war. He died of malaria on thee way back. This monument stands in Scheneley Park, Pittsburgh PA. I am in the process of building a virtual #D model from available photographs.
Col Hawkins by Capt Hawkins - An illustration based on a virtual model created with SketchUp, Poser, and PhotoShop. Image copyright Roger Hawkins 2010
16mm Filmo Camera - Drawing/Virtual Model Copyright Roger Hawkins 2010 Modeling the camera I used in Vietnam. It doubled as my pillow and my weapon.
16mm Film - render in progress - The beginning stages of an illustration about combat photography in Vietnam.
Courtyard of the Myrtles - Alhambra - A virtual model in SketchUp from photos taken in Spain and Arizona and post processed PhotoShop.
Torre de Las Damas - The "Tower of the Ladies" at the Alhambra, in Granada, Spain.
Torre de las damas - Image copyright Roger Hawkins 2010 This is a virtual model of the El Partal at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. It sits atop a floor plan drawn by a Spanish conservationist/architect in the 1800s.
Photo Shipping - I needed to ship a set of 10 Vietnam-era combat photos to the Northwestern Mutual Art Gallery at Cardinal Stritch University. The photos were mounted on FoamCore and covered with a photo mat. Both highly susceptible to corner damage. I constructed a plywood box lined with a dual density foam and then isolated the vulnerable corners of the mounts in open air. Packaging modeled in SketchUp, rendered in Twilight Render using 40 passes of Metropolis Light Transport with bi-directional path tracing.
Hand model for Illustration - Hand model Copyright Roger Hawkins 2011 Stepping up from virtual models of mechanical objects to organic objects.
Red Robin Solar Shades - Rendered for Ultimate Shade Alternatives.
Ultimate Shade Alternatives - Image Copyright Roger Hawkins Rendering of solar shade structures.
Ultimate Shade Alternatives II - Image copyright Roger Hawkins 2011 View of proposed shade sail configuration for Red Robin restaurants. Rendered for Ultimate Shade Alternatives by Roger Hawkins.
Thai Spirit House - Image Copyright Roger Hawkins 2011 Virtual model of a Thai Spirit house. It is a small temple model set on a pole in the garden to protect the main house. You see them almost everywhere in Thailand.
This is the guest bedroom of my home in Arizona wine country, an area something akin to Andalucia in Spain. The altitude is 4,800ft which means the night time temps are much lower than the desert areas of the state. My plan is to convert the porch to a screen room for open air sleeping. Even though you would not think of Bahamian hurricane shutters and Arizona as being a good pairing, I think they will meet my fire safety, solar loading, and security needs. This is the before drawing and I am starting on plans for a supporting structure, screens, and hurricane shutters.
This is the beginning of a work-in-progress which is the dining hall of my second home in Sonoita, Arizona.
Virtual models - renders

An Equestrian Arena for the Circle Z Ranch near Patagonia, Arizona. Construction by Caleb Everhart owner of Monument Steel The facility is 125' wide x 250' long.

Roger Hawkins
Imagineer Sonoita, AZ