3rd Generation of the AirFusion Kayak, the AirFusion EVO.
Interior cross-section of the EVO's design
1st Generation. The original AirFusion
2nd Genneration. The AirFusion Elite
Advanced Elements AirFusion Hybrid Inflatable Kayak

Designed to rival the performance and speed of skin-on-frame kayaks, while simplifying the setup procedure, the award winning AirFusion Kayak has evolved over the years into its current 3rd Gen iteration, the AirFusion EVO. An inflatable kayak unlike any other on the water, the AirFusion EVO's design utilizes drop-stitch technology and low pressure air chambers to build out the structure, a Polyurethane outer skin, and an aluminum keel frame. Drop-stitch material allows for the creation of high pressure forms that are extremely rigid while the low-pressure air thwarts replace bulky frame parts that are typically used in skin-on-frame kayaks. The aluminum keel frame creates a V-hull for superior tracking while the Polyurethane outer skin creates a hydrodynamic surface for enhanced glide through the water, making the AirFusion EVO a quick and nimble high performance kayak that can be packed up and taken anywhere.
Patent #'s: US 8,438,986 B2 and US 10,583,895 B2

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