Advanced Elements WaterTech Gear Bags

Originally a very disjointed collection of gear bags that served a generalized purpose, Advanced Elements' gear bag collection as a whole lacked unity, strong brand identity, and most importantly, did not integrate well with Advanced Elements' kayaks and SUPs. It was this catalyst that led to the development of the WaterTech Gear Bags. While the "bones" of each bag came from pre-existing designs, each were altered in numerous ways such as sizing, features, and function to best integrate with Advanced Elements kayaks and SUP's. Additionally, color choices and stronger branding were implemented to unify the line into a cohesive family. With waterproof construction, multiple pockets, d-rings, lashing points, and reflective paneling for low-light visibility; each bag has crossed over into many uses outside paddlesports such as skiing, mountaineering, and travel in places with unstable weather.

Ryan Pugh
A Clear and Focused Creative Reno, NV