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Marketing Image for Rocket Race!
Aegis of Terra - League

"Consider reaching the Moon a test for our eventual conquest of Mars."
Martian Salvage - Capsule

“I managed to secure one of the Martian landing capsules used in their abortive invasion from the Aegis of Terra. Oh wait, that’s supposed to be a secret. Forget I spoke.”
Ether Sails - Steering Mechanism

“I know nothing about sailing. I thought you did!”
Clockwork Autopilot - Accessory

“So long as his springs are regularly wound, Jeeves will faithfully steer us to the Moon.”
One Hundred Hungry Mice - Steering Mechanism

“The mice will naturally be drawn toward the Moon, which is made of cheese, which will in turn tip the craft to point in the right direction.”
Retractable Spring-Loaded Legs - Accessory
“The legs will either cushion our landing or propel us back into space. It is hard to tell which right now.”
Anti-Gravity Painted Vanes - Steering Mechanism
“We simply extend or retract the vanes, and the anti-gravity rays emitted by the paint will turn the craft.”
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Rocket Race!

Card art created for Rocket Race! a new standalone card game made by TripleAce Games.

Ryan Sumo
Contract Artist at Introversion Software Manila, Philippines