Weave Detail Dress - Dress with woven halter neckline and woven hem detail. A bright, fresh floral print for spring/summer.
Tulle and Lace - Dress with tulle full skirt, lace apron, and fur stole.
Butterfly Gown - Breezy evening gown inspired by butterflies' wings. Made with silk organza and crepe de chine for a slinky, floaty effect.
Dress w/ Fireworks Waistband - Scale-like petals form a diamond shape over the left side of the dress, and an extra-wide waistband is styled to look like an oversized belt was thrown over it, with a flower like fireworks adorning the left front.
Lace-front Bodice - Basic jersey shift dress with tiny scalloped lace trim at hem and sleeve hems. Over the dress is a soft leather lace-up vest bodice.
Cocktail Ensemble - Simple dress and evening coat.
Evening Gown with Wrapped Chiffon Overlay - Brown crepe-back satin gown with vine motif printed chiffon bodice overlay.
Exoskeleton Evening Coat - Hard, insect inspired evening coat. Very sculptured, made from silk gazar or another rich fabric that would give a hardened look.
Grandpa Sweaters - Two girls in oversized sweaters and white jeans.
Bridal Gown with Scarf - Wedding gown with very full skirt and extra long almost train-like scarf to be worn around the neck. Dramatic ruching at the bust and shoulders.
Black Dress Watercolor
Cable Knit Long Sweater
Lanky Guy
Slinky Red Evening Gown
Sweater Girl with Legwarmers
Deep V Swimsuit
College Sketchbook
Sarah Moreno
Associate Designer, Sweaters Fort Myers, FL