CNC Aircraft toilet pattern - CNC router. machining Aircraft toilet seat. finished product with resin and paint only weighs 12 ounces
Hand sculpted eagle for medallion pattern - Pattern made out of MDF and sealed in laquer for molding.
Road planner, built and painted for Roadtec CO. - Demonstration model for sales dept. shows working cutter and moveable dump chute.
Complete medallion pattern for concrete mold - 10 Foot diameter pattern molded in urethane rubber for concrete parts.
Urethane rotational molds for NBA basket ball stadium - parts are made in fast cast resin and painted and arranged to look like the american flag. no photo of the flag.
Womans Luge sled. - Carbon fiber construction.
Finished and painted - painted aircraft toilet seat
Finished Display. - Finished display, for the San Antonio Spurs basket ball team. in the SBC center. outside the vendors area.
Al Camisa
Model Making/model maker/Fabricator Tucson, AZ