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DOVEGRAPHICS - Logo mark for DoveGraphics design.
KiddO 45 logo - Branding logo for KiddO 45 illustrating a edgy feel with a playful name.
THE COLOR JUNGLE - Branding concept for new children's product.
VINVIN WINERY - Wine bottle packaging with a artist flare.
OL' FACTORY sampler bags - Sampler bags for the many flavors of fresh-roasted whole bean and ground coffee illustrating a whimsical and fun concept.
GEORGIA WINE TASTING ASSOCIATION - Logo mark for Georgia Wine Tasting Association.
THE CRESCENT OYSTER BAR - Lousiana based restaurant/bar with a classy concept logo.
WENDY'S TRAY LINER + HOT 100 CD - Wendy's tray liner advertising the new Hot 100 cd coming out.
National Geographic Spread - A two-page spread advertising a National Geographic special on how our world has evolved in the mist of a diverse population and learning about the different cultures in a growing population.
Transportation Magazine Spread - Two-page spread for Dart Railway Systems depicting the need for getting back to the basics of commuting by amtrac to help lesson street car congestion.
Interior spread for Magazine - A spread for an interior design magazine illustrating the visual balance of different lines, textues, colours and patterns to create harmony in any part of a room.
Single-Page Newspaper Spread - A conceptual newspaper layout depicting the controversy in the media in whether the economy is really getting any better. Is it?
KiddO 45 Catalog 2009 - Design and layout of yearly teaser Catalogue for Kiddo 45 Brand using a colorful, but stylish concept and layout. This catalog also describes the "History of Bubble Blowing" and "Why Leaves Change Color," giving it a magazine feel.
MAGAZINE SPREAD - Concept Magazine ad depicting the art of Kandinsky with emphasis related to the "red dot".
"a story about...FRANK N. STEIN" - movie poster - A comedy playing off the real story of FRANKENSTEIN about a homeless man (Frank Nelson Stein) trying to find his true identity and pursuing his meaning in life, while finding his way back into society.
ELEVIN MUSIC CD - Music CD with a simplistic design concept.
Digital Illustration - Product
Digital Illustration - product
Digital Illustration - product
Digital Illustration - product
Digital Illustration - product
Hand Illustration - Ballpoint Pen
DOVEDENTALAB - Logo developed with the concept of two words into one. Created web site for start-up business with the new logo DoveDentalab.
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