UpCycled Plastics Logo - Logo/Business Card sample background
High School Band Logo. This logo just fell into place really. Something about the silhouette of the horn communicates the bright and bold energy that a band should have.
High School Orchestra Logo. The director wanted a less bold, more elegant, feel for the orchestra as opposed to the band's logo. The 'MVHS' elements are a little more hidden in this one, and the type's more varied line quality communicates the elegance of string instruments.
Logo for NuCanoe Inc.'s latest hybrid canoe-kayak, the Frontier model. The graphic is molded into the sides of the boats, and is highly visible on the 5 colors the boat is available in.
Screen Print shirt design for Team NuCanoe.
Business card for a local magician-- I mean wizard. Lighter and happier look than the adult poster. The space on the scroll on the back of the card is for written notes.
Eternal Visions Tattoo Logo. Skulls, roses, and parchment. Yup.
Polyoptic Productions Logo - Logo for film group
Eye2Eye Logo
New logo for Dark Wing Studios.
http://www.darkwingstudios.net/ (site update coming soon!)
Project: Foster Logo - Logo/Watermark for sci-fi graphic novel.
Bloom Logo - Logo for a handbag made of reclaimed window blinds.
Demon in the Teahouse sample book cover - Made using cut paper
Branding & Identity
Ian Mayhew
Industrial Designer, Artist Seattle, WA