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The political and social events after the early and mid twentieth century were clamoring for new ways to treat and paint to express the artistic concept and leading a series of such radical and unfamiliar feelings.

Dripping is a pictorial techniques created by the great genius Jackson Pollock, framed along with others in the Action painting. This is the use of painting with all its own vitality and dynamism pure painting used jars with a hole in its bottom to apply the paint on the canvas dripping with shake and changing direction, the action painting was produced in a subconscious itself, working in a PLC, mobility and imbued with a certain order chaos itself.

DrippingChair this technique emulates the paint cans replacing a fabric to melt PVC, and aided by a wire mesh, generates an elastic texture but capable of supporting the weight of a person. The structure, very simple trying not remove role, is built by iron pipes 20x20 1.2 mm thick.

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