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Nescafe - Nescafe, one of the world's best-known coffees, was first sold in Switzerland before making its way around the world. The redesign of Nescafe packaging mimics a Swiss-style design, paying tribute to the origins of this brand which still maintains a high standard of quality today.
Neuhaus Valentine's Day Gift Set - Chocolate makers since 1857, Neuhaus is the oldest chocolatier in Belgium. Although Neuhaus maintains a standard of tradition, these chocolates exude a blend of sensuality and luxury.
Wine pairing with chocolate has become a new trend in the United States, and this piece containing a bottle of wine, box of chocolates and wine-pairing brochure is designed as a promotional piece for Valentine's Day.
IBC Root Beer - The goal of redesigning the packaging for IBC Root Beer is to give the product a new look and feel of nostalgia associated with the 1920s. IBC Root Beer was founded in 1919, and root beer found a market as a legal beverage during the era of Prohibition. By redesigning IBC, I have taken this beverage back to its "roots" of the 1920s.
SOEX Cigars - The purpose of the design of SOEX Cigars is to promote a refreshing and spicy flavor while conveying an earthy and exotic feel that gives this cigar a distinctly Indian flavor. SOEX Cigars is a premium grade novelty item and will be sold as a long-term piece.
Mr. Big Sexual Enhancement Pills - The idea of this project was to take the words "fragile" and "wit" and to come up with a product representative of these two words. Mr. Big was created and designed for any male with a fragile ego. The battery-style containers indicate the idea of being able to recharge, therefore, enhancing the male's ego.
Good Ol' Boy--Flavors of the South - Good Ol' Boy is a fictional brand of products represented by flavors of the South. Inspired by old garage signs, these products go back to the rugged outdoors, simplicity and flavors that are associated with the core tastes of the South.
John Steinbeck Trilogy - John Steinbeck urges his readers to challenge a system that denies his characters both sustenance and dignity, and to seek the spiritual belonging that enables individuals to achieve their full humanity.
A common thread Steinbeck uses throughout his novels is unity that the characters try to achieve by finding their place in society. The hands on each cover are a metaphor for the unity and the struggles that the characters stand for.
Singapore Airlines Identity Mark - This mark for Singapore Airlines represents the blend of eastern and western cultures of the island, along with Singapore's accomplishments of being trend-setters when it comes to modernity, style and technology. This mark also reflects the upward motion of flight.
Singapore Airlines Inflight Items - Superb in-flight service and award-winning cuisine are the cornerstones for Singapore Airline's customer service and hospitality. SIA is one of the leading trendsetters in the industry. The design of the Singapore Airlines in-flight items emphasizes on its quality and style. Singapore is an island made up of eastern and western cultures, and these two customs are also shown through its design.
Singapore Airlines Stationery Suite
Huntsville, Alabama, Identity Mark - Based on Huntsville, Alabama's secret of the past and its strides into the future, this mark represents the convergence on advancement of space and technology.

Huntsville, Alabama, Systems Manual - Huntsville, Alabama's secret of the past is the bridge to the future. Huntsville is a high-tech and innovative city, and Huntsville is light years ahead of it's time. Designed for the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce, this systems manual focuses on the city's advancement from the past to the future when it comes to its technology and diverse culture as well as the convergence of its strides.
Huntsville, Alabama, Stationery Suite
Punch Typeface Design - Inspired by political cartoonist and writer Ralph Steadman, Punch is a hand-done display typeface. Named after Punch Magazine, this typeface is political satirical, unrefined and bold.
Punch Typeface Promotional Poster
Rene Magritte Identity Mark - Belgian Surrealist Rene Magritte frequently displays a juxtaposition of ordinary objects in an unusual context, giving new meanings to familiar things. This mark, made up of a bowler hat, which Magritte often wore, is combined with a puzzle piece in the shape of the letter "m." Magritte focuses on illusions, and his viewers are often left with questions in their mind. Therefore, I combined different elements and put them together to represent the artist to make one image.
Serena Jhangiani
Owner/Creative Director of The Vellum Group, LLC. Cincinnati, OH