GreenAir 1 - GreenAir is an indoor air purifier using living plants. Indoor air can be more polluted than the outdoor. Research has demonstrated that certain plants are highly effective natural air purifiers. GreenAir employs those plants, which absorbs contaminants from the air through the leaves and roots. It has a fan to pull the air to the root area, so that larger amount of contaminants can be purified in a shorter time.
GreenAir2 - The concept comes from the metamorphosis of butterfly (shown above). GreenAir planter (green part) is made of biodegradable material, so when the plant has grown up, it can be directly transfer to soil to let it grow bigger. It has a fan inside it to pull the air to the root area, using solar panel as the energy source. It employs self watering system, using nylon thread as the extension of the root. So, the plants can absorb water according to their needs.
GreenAir 3 - Detail part of GreenAir. On/off button on the back side Power light indicator on the side of the solar panel
Water Evaluator 1
Water Evaluator 2
Design Manifesto 2009
MinT 1
MinT 2
MinT 3
Blooming - The concept of my design was inspired by flower. Flower will grow, it will bloom. When it blooms, we will feel something different. It is our mood. So, what I want to apply in my design is the mood. Blooming has simple but elegant design. It has four petals and one base. It is an adjustable table or floor lamp. It is not only adjusting the form itself but also adjusting your mood. How? It can be opened up, it is blooming. You can make it close or open it up, creating different moods.
Blooming - In some views, it creates optical illusion. The optical illusion comes from the negative space. From front view, there are four arrows. That four arrows meet at one point, creating a cross from top view. When the lamp is opened up, it looks like a flower. The material of the flower petals is translucent plastic and the base is made of polypropylene plastic.
Blooming - Exploded View
Giro Bicycle Helmet 1 - 3D-Modeling using Alias Studio Tools
Giro Bicycle Helmet 2 - Giro Bicycle Helmet Promotion Board
Harry Potter x Lego - Harry Potter Legoman 3D-Modeling using Alias Studio Tools
Harry Potter x Lego - 3D-Modeling using Alias Studio Tools
Alarm Clock - 3D-Modeling using 3D Rhinoceros
Product Design