Creation of a logo for a book that shows all the different kinds of arts in the Haight-Ashbury area in San Francisco. Influenced by its strong bohemian history, Upper Haight is a mecca of creativity and artistry. All over this neighborhood you will find bold, colorful murals that pay homage to the history of the Haight: graffiti art, eclectic yet beautiful storefronts and window displays and shops that display the work of talented artists.

The logo has many concepts in it.
The word “Haight” does not represent just the name of the neighborhood but its sound reminds of the word “hate”.

But you cannot ate or love art. And based on this, there is a pretty strong contraddicion between the word “haight” (as “hate”) and the heart that represents the word “o” in the logotype “the unofficial upper haight art guide”.

Freelance, Full-time
Silvia Cassone
UX / UI designer London, United Kingdom