This product group, which consists of series design, is designed for Simbo Kitchen Appliances. One of the most important criteria of the project design is that the aesthetic perception within the series is strikingly similar. At the same time, it has been emphasized on user ergonomics. Thanks to the functional keypads on the mixer, it is possible to give quick and practical commands, and it helps to keep both practicality and the working area clean thanks to its ability to be placed on the floor with its back surface. On the other hand, since the blender can be used with different nozzles, it increases its practical usage area. They have the modern lines of the period and, although the cost was kept to a minimum, it was given attention to accommodate all the technological features of the period. In this way, it is aimed that everyone will have an ergonomic and aesthetic product.

Designed by Serdar Sisman

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Serdar Sisman
Industrial Design, Creative Director ─░stanbul, Turkey