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Ripple Faucet - 1 - This is the Ripple Faucet project. I was approached by design firm Touch 360 to develop a concept for a new way to interact with water. Their idea was to use a metal ball and an array of electromagnetic sensors to detect the movement of said ball in order to control flow and temperature.
Ripple Faucet - 2 - I started sketching some initial concepts for was to arrange the array of electromagnetic sensors.
Ripple Faucet - 3 - continued ideation - trying to consider the user experience and design a natural interface.
Ripple Faucet - 4 - Here, I decided to use the reference of ripples in the surface of water and arrange the sensors radially.
Ripple Faucet - 5 - After developing the ripple concept, I created this final concept for Touch 360.
Ripple Faucet - 6 - After some time and analysis, I revisited the project, and found numerous problems with the design that I wanted to address.
Ripple Faucet - 7 - I went back to the drawing board to try to find a form that was as unique as the interface.
Ripple Faucet - 8 - I went back to the drawing board to try to find a form that was as unique as the interface.
Ripple Faucet - 9 - At this point, I realized I could make the project accomplish more than just being a novel interface and form. After doing some research, I determined scalding from hot water is a serious issue and that my faucet could help address the problem.
Ripple Faucet - 10 - With new influence, I went back to try to find a form that gave more visual feedback as to the origins of the water, and ratios of hot and cold.
Ripple Faucet - 11 - My final direction incorporates features designed to make a more natural connection between settings and temperature.
Ripple Faucet - 12 - Descriptions of how the faucet is operated using the control ball and the electromagnetic sensors. Details show different temperature configurations.
Ripple Faucet - 13 - This page outlines the advantages of the final design.
Riplpe Faucet - 14 - To emphasize manufacturability, I did an exploded view to show all the components of the system.
Ripple Faucet - 15 - A final view set in a residential setting.
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Ripple Faucet
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