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Moment - A tray table for small balconies 2008. Made in a group project with Lisa Säfwenberg.
Infinite in Milan 22nd to 27th April 2009 - The lamp Infinite will be exhibit at Sona Tortona, via Tortona 35 during the Milan furniture fair 22nd to 27th April 2009. Infinite is one of the finalists in the HI-MACS® 2009 Design Contest
Infinite - As a replacement of an ordinary lamp, the light source is placed inside the lampshade. The lamp lights up by LED lamps instead of a regular lamp bulb which normally is placed in the center. LED lamps are a long life lighting at a safe low voltage.
Infinite - The round lampshade with the same dimension as the foot of the lamp giving a feeling of infinity,
Lilla Molntuss - OUR AIM
With the Trallala lilla molntuss concept, we want to change the everyday bevaviour of the average Swede. Instead of taking the car when you go shopping for groceries, buy a second hand chair or get a big parcel, you should be able to take your bike. We say that the molntusswagon is a car trunk for the bike!

The wagon could be attached to any bike, old or new, making it flexible in many ways. Made in a group project with Cecilia Wahlberg, Therese Broberg and Susanne von Ajkay.
Lilla molntuss - A wagon and an oversized, flexible bike basket where you could squeeze down a couple of basketballs or a big bag of groceries along with your school bag and laptop.
The products looked a bit like clouds, and since Sweden is likely to get more rain in the future due to global warming, we decided that clouds and rain was the visual expression we wanted to get. Made in a group project with Cecilia Wahlberg, Therese Broberg and Susanne von Ajkay.
NASA Cleanbeam - A laundry system 2008. Hang you clothes between the UV LED lighted panels in you wardrobe and clean your clothes while sleep. No water, No detergent, just clean clothes. Made in a group project with Kajsa Eriksson, Lisa Safwenberg & Semele Sangla.
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