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Mechanical gripper
3D printed manufactured designs of Mechanical grippers to be tested with the prototype robot.
Intelligent Systems Integration for Manufacturing Automation Group Project

Final year group project consisted of designing an end effector for the robotic arm prototype (Arexx RA-1 pro) provided by Kingston University. The project was to design different design concepts of the end effector capable of picking, placing a object from conveyor belt.

All the design concepts were presented as CAD drawing using SolidWorks, further tested were conducted by FEA analysis to determine the overall stress plots.

The project involved extensive research, 3D CAD designing, FEA analysis, programming, manufacturing, testing and assembling.

The project was challenging and fun which tested my problem solving, communication, leadership and team working skills as the project was completed on time with a 1st grade.

Sohail Tariq
Mechanical Design Engineer Bedford, United Kingdom