Pot Plant Watering Device - Product development and final model of a device which delivers a consistent water supply to a potted plant via capillary action of a PVC wick, reducing the fluctuation in soil moisture from over/infrequent watering and climate. The plant is significantly healthier as a result.
Assorted work for Hafele Australia - I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Hafele on a number of projects, modelling the base for the Econopost (1.) and also the double sliding clamp (2.) I have also provided illustrated installation manuals for a number of their products, and supplied the rendered images and vector graphics used on the Product Search section of www.hafeledesktech.com (3.)
Sleeve clip detailing for swivel broom - Cad modelisation and tuning of a clip system for the inside of a swivel broom sleeve. The sleeve keeps the head of the broom at ninety degrees for sweeping; the broom head can be rotated out of the way for compact storage.
Sonya Sing Lee
Industrial Designer Melbourne, Australia