First print in black PLA. Still working out the proper settings and structure to get a good quality consistent print. The goal is to have a fine quality one that can be cast. Most likely I'll have to bondo and sand some
Printing a few more
First successful print of this tile design. Using 3DS Max for printing has been problematic. I'm currently going through Inventor Pro tutorials to up my modeling game.
Quick 3DS Max render. I changed the scale of the tiles after looking at this
Playing with the form in AutoCAD
I've been using Flowalistik's Low Poly Pokemon designs to help trouble shoot and calibrate my printer. A lot more fun than cubes
Keeping track of printing successes and failures
Set up Astroprint using a Raspberry Pi and a cheap PS Eye cam.
Monoprice Maker Select. Prints out of the box with minimal assembly, and is easily modded for increased print quality
Z brace parts. Left is low quality and right is med-high quality
First good print. Fillet gauge found on Thingiverse
Wall Treatment/Learning to 3D Print

I picked up a budget 3D printer and have been learning the ropes. I've been modding and tweaking the printer - z braces, and I'm about to add Raspberry Pi with Astroprint once all the parts arrive. Currently I'm working out some ideas around wall tiles and wall treatments

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