The BodySpec logo conveys a lensing effect in the form of a kaleidoscope as an expression of science and innovation, combined with a universal symbol for a human as typically seen on the web.
The logo grid is inspired by the 'Vitruvian Man' by Leonardo da Vinci, a famous drawing from 1490 that has become a universal symbol of humankind. The geometric components of the grid (circle and square) are used to create visual interest throughout brand collateral. ?
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BodySpec is a whole-body imaging and screening company on a mission to make preventative healthcare easy and accessible; because everyone deserves to live a healthy life. The company's proprietary DEXA scan technology provides patients with body composition data and disease screening insights before problems arise so they can make lasting changes to their health. Aiming to expand beyond its initial audience of health and fitness enthusiasts, BodySpec needed to pivot its brand to appeal to the general population seeking early detection and prevention.

Numatic Ventures brought me in to discover ways to create an authentic brand that reflects BodySpec's fast, ultra-accurate technology and exceptionally efficient service and strategize the transition to general human health. I led the entire brand discovery process, from research to creative execution.

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Stephanie D'Aurio
Design Director New York, NY