Presentational board for my design pitch.
An initial design, having the front and rear arches rotate and work as ski's but also using the rear spoiler as a hydro-foil when in the water.
A more practical concept design, a simple drive in drive out transformation when using it in it's amphibious form.
Streamline and sleek , designed to look as if its fast.
development sketch
One of my final renders.
The beginning of the 1/8th scale model.
Smoothing the front flat part into the 'V' hule.
mocking up the front splitter and the spoiler.
The green house isn't yet finished and ready for vacuum forming but you can see the form.
carving out the cockpit and carefully dremeling the spoiler for the fitting of the led lights.
Began priming and ready for spraying.
First coat of green paint.
electrics wired up.
completed! all handed in...
[3rd year degree project] - Quick Trip Explorer Amphibious Vehicle

2012/2013 - Designing a multi-functional vehicle, built for leisure or short trips. Emphasising on the aesthetics of the vehicle and the unique way of travelling.

Steven Staff
Automotive design Freshwater, United Kingdom