Enter the fantasy realm of Starchaser, a world with a mythology all its own. Planets of boy pirates and sailors fishing for cosmic eels; Space Hunters and Lion guides; the evil Dratfus with his tear-sucking machine and Catta, on the most dangerous quest of all: searching for the truth in the hope it can change the past. Presented by Arena Theatre Company. Studio Organic provided the video design and animation working closely with Jonathon Oxlade’s beautiful illustrations.

Writer: Lally Katz
Director: Christian Leavesley
Designer: Jonathon Oxlade
Lighting Designer: Richard Vabre
Sound Designer: Jethro Woodward
Video Designer: Chris More
Production Manager: Bianca Eden
Performers: Anne-Louise Sarks, Phil McInnes, Jamieson Caldwell, Jessica
Production Photography: Jeff Busby

Chris More
Digital Designer Melbourne, Australia