OHIO House by studiork

The project aimed to embrace the surrounding exterior potentials, from 270 degree clear view, overlooking a valley like neighbourhood.
the architect sees that every corner deserve to receive the fresh air & natural light in every story with strong indoor to outdoor relationship even though each rooms aren't that spacious, however the space programming make them feel spacious when they are integrated.

the most critical issue of having this site is about privacy from the dense neighbours that tend to sees all the room from outside. the strategies taken from the architect is to have a barrier of trees along the side and rear perimeter, which allows to act as a visual buffer as well as green and soothing panoramic view from the interior overlooking to outside view. at the same time give the messages that although the building erected uphill 3-4storey height, the building as if stands out softly on the forrest uphill .

Studiork Design South Jakarta, Indonesia