Configurable Interface System - This computer interface system is designed for future components which will be flat and disposable. Installation can be configured to meet needs at any location. Interface can be customized to provide for licensing or branding opportunities.

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Metrosole WiFi enabled shoe - "Metrosole" shoe 2012:
Doc Marten's wanted to know: "what will shoes look like in 2012" This futuristic shoe design is designed for urban spaces which will interact with one's personal accessories. Features include a display for reading "location tag" contents of various places. Light emitting polymers display constantly changing patterns on the outer surface of the shoe.
Watch-game package - This packaging displays a watch/video game.
Pyramid shaped box unfolds to create a unique playing surface related to the game.
Watches interact for wireless play.
Packages stack for efficient shipping and make for a compelling retail display.
Smart Little Monkey - "Smart Little Monkey":
This plush toy is designed to enhance learning in toddlers. Plush ape plays a cycle of classical music. Arms are designed to be grippable and safe, and include velcro hands and feet.
Online interaction design - Originally designed for corporate intranet, ad campaign images were identified with their product sku's for the first time.
Magazine featured products were also shown, so that online shoppers could locate merchandise easily.
Resulted in better usability and fewer incoming customer service calls.