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until now, almost any interface we can think of requires the ability to see... 80% of it

but, what if someone can't see?

A visually impaired sees the world very differently, they remember things by the way they feel to touch, the way they sound or the way they smell. For them "beauty" has a different meaning.
the brief was to design a "wrist watch replacement" for everyone


1) how to explain the sense of time without showing or telling, to a visually impaired.

2)to design something which is up to everyone's liking

Taq uses electromagnets, to avoid errors created by touching the surface. it activates one electromagnet at a time which then attracts the magnetic pointer connected to the minute and hour disk and keeps them in place. The magnetic ferrous pointers can also be used to change the time.

its designed to be very cheaper to produce, with in Rs 300-Rs 500($5-$10). so most of the population can afford to buy one or make one.
with a little more price addition a bluetooth or any other wireless device can be added, than Taq can connect to a smartphone's GPS, and use the watch’s dial to show directions, for example or some other informations. it would be a great help for someone who is unable to see at some point.

The magnetic ferrous pointers of the dial helps the dial to be used as an input device for the watch as every time they move they create a small charge in the Cu wires. so one can use it as a tactile dialer for the phone calls, or feed some other inputs to some other smart devises.

basically Taq can open a hole new dimension of possibilities for a new kind of interface for smart devises. Tactile interfaces
it doesn't only show time, it can have many many applications, as i mentioned befour. so with changing time and requirements, Taq can be used in more ways than it was meant for.

it can be updated with changing needs.
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design for special needs- briefly

Taq is a tactile wrist watch meant for everyone including visually impaired.instead of minute and hour hand Taq offers a tactile surface / disk to tell the time , so one can know the time without even looking at the watch. It can also give directions by connecting to a smartphone's GPS.

Suraj Patel
Product Designer Hyderabad, India