MTV/BET Corporate Logo - This logo was one of my contributions to a joint MTV Networks/BET Networks corporate logo for in-house use.
Savannah Secession Logo - This logo was for a college design exhibition, entitled "Savannah Secession," a nod to the Vienna Secession movement in design history.
Cyberzone Logo - Logo for a computer gaming center.
Flavorworks Logo - An alternative logo option for a new PepsiCo initiative featuring flavored drink variations.
Front Row Alternative Logo - An alternative logo option. The overlapping, biomorphic shapes allude to the symbiotic relationships the agency creates between clients and sponsors.
Sharmila & Ravi's Wedding Logo - This logo was for a traditional South Indian wedding and incorporates an important symbol (a gold necklace with two pendants to represent each family) thus succinctly describing the culture of the marrying couple.
Various Logos
Swathi Ghanta
Graphic Designer New York, NY