Flier for Soulwax Show in Hamburg Germany - event flier designed for popular German night club's event DANCE with Soulwax, 2 Many DJ's and Zombie Nation
Logo/Branding Design and Skate Deck Design for Unicorn Skateboards - Created brand identity for Unicorn Skateboards and applied it to create faux wood inlay patterns and designs for their line of environmentally friendly skate decks.
Event poster Design for Dance Party on April Fools Day at the Khyber in Philadelphia - Event poster that I designed for a dance party at the Khyber.
Back of Promotional Flier for Club Avion
September AutoSuccess Magazine Cover - from conception to completion, I designed this cover for the September issue of AutoSuccess Magazine, which is a B2B automotive marketing magazine that goes out to over 22,000 dealers. I also came up with the tag line for the article about Karina Bradley.
Social Media promotional flier
Promotional flier for Club Avion, Brooklyn, NY
Promotional Advertisement for Drahma Magazine and TF Mafia - TF Mafia asked me to design a promotional advertisement for their album for Drahma Magazine.
Graphic Design
Taryn Zychal
Owner/Designer Recycling Zychal Portland, OR