1971 Pontiac
saiwai - Sometimes you feel like there's nothing to fear... and then you realize, that little ship you're sailing in, is being pulled down.
The Dog and the Sparrow
The Kappa and the Hare - Sometimes I think that I'm the tortoise, slow and steady... can't help but think I'm going to lose anyway. This is also a nod to Hokusai's kappa, thus the name.
Hare and the Kappa - And yet sometimes I feel like the Hare. This is as done as it's going to be.
Splitting of the Wave
The Emperor's New Suit
FishBird (2+2=1) - The FishBird... just seemed to make sense.
Cool Whip - From an overheard conversation on the playground. A grandmother was remarking about feeding her granddaughter Cool Whip and then watching her little head swell up from a food allergy.
Fear and Self Loathing in Suburbia
Thomas Haddad
Drawings from the bus and other moments of misery West Caldwell, NJ