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LATTC tower mid-level - I designed this tower for a Physics professor at LATTC. The intention was to propose to the college a tower that would demonstrate physical attributes of our environment. It would show the stresses placed on it by lateral forces. It would harvest solar and wind energy. It would serve as a utility for cell phone repeaters, microwave and radio frequencies. All of these attributes would be on display at the base. The tower would generate revenue for the college in advertising and tourism.
LATTC tower over view
LATTC info tower base - this was a proposed tower for LA Trade Tech Community College with the intent of showing the physical affects of our environment on such a tall structure (200'+); stresses of wind, harvest of sun, radio frequencies. And to implement advertising for the school and local business, as well as provide stunning views of LA.
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Tower Design
Thomas Cohen
Project Manager / Designer / Builder Lancaster, CA