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Zbrush model I made for approval of concept
The final model I made in Rhino3d and Blender so it could be made with simple 2 part molds, all detail is in one direction with no overlaps.
My model description sheet for the fabricators
My Zbrush model for approval
My final functional model made in Rhino3D with details sculpted in Blender
The model fabrication description sheet
The Zbrush test, ended up combining two ideas for the final, this one and the one with teeth below.
The ones with teeth
The Final made in Rhino3d and sculpted in Blender
Another view
The model fabrication description sheet
The first version, his moustache was a bit boring, take a look at the final further down
The final functional miniature I made in Rhino and sculpted detail in Blender
The sheet for the fabricators
A little diagram on how the miniature works.
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3D Modeling Hewns Zbrush/Rhino3D

The new Hewns are more biological, I have made the models for 3D print for an innovative new board game. The models were made to the exacting requirements of Mr Michael Mitchel owner of the Hewns concept, from amazing small line art sketches he produces.

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Freelance, Full-time
Alan Steppe
3D Artist, Illustrator, Concept Artist. Hartbeespoort, South Africa