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Robot Educator. Designed for a pitch to a bank that needed graphics to educate customers on how to use various bank apps.
Childrens Classroom Modeled and textured for a Smarties Advert.
The first draft of some toys and a background I modeled for Hewn, a game soon to be released.
These are some of my models I created from the artist sketches on the left.
This is a set of models I made using different styles and types of modeling
Condiment charging and wifi dock concept.
An interior I modeled for an Optometrist shop to show their investors before they did the shopfitting.
During the making of the short film TANKZ I made this little guy for fun.
A fish tank interior for an advert.
A test to see if I could push the textures in Maya on a quick model I made.
This was a model for a Digital Carnival that I imagined would make use of some inflatable structures.
This was made as a city that could spin around like a record on a record player, Made as a scene for a car advert.
A Helicopter I modeled in Rhino3D, they needed each color as a different surface so they could get incredible close-ups with reflections and adjust each surface easily.
An army truck I made as a test for a job application.
The back view of the army truck.
The models here were made to look like they were made out of a product called 'Prestick" which can replace or serve the function of the items depicted.
Th modeled factory interior for the advert "Tetrapak forest to bin"
An early test to see how Maya could model.
Factory interior.. for the animation "Tetrapak forest to bin."
One of many aliens I made for adverts for the HTC phones.
The bad guy model for FTB (Forest to bin)
A cybernetic game character. Modeled, textured and rigged for games.
A robot assassin character for a game.
Some characters made for a client in France that did a small animation for Cannes to get funding for a bigger animation.
Architecture.. after the shake.
A set made for an animation.
Animation set render.
DC logo concept
Variation of the DC logo.
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3D Modeling Rhino3D/Maya/Max

Some models made in Rhino3d and Maya for various projects.

Freelance, Full-time
Alan Steppe
3D Artist, Illustrator, Concept Artist. Hartbeespoort, South Africa